ivano morrone






Sirene is a work in the form of 'melologo' that between reality and imagination describes the journey of the sirens that now emerge from our seas: the black sirens coming from the shores of the 'other' Mediterranean that laps the countries of North Africa. The poetic texts by Carlo Cipparrone are freely drawn from italian and international news about migrants. The music by Ivano Morrone 'follows' the journey of the sirens creating musical landscapes that use the expressive resources of classical, traditional instruments and voice. The sound texture interacts with the pixels of the images that are projected changing in real time.


music and visual live electronics: Ivano Morrone

poetic texts: Carlo Cipparrone



Francesco D'Andrea,violin/lira

JosŤ Daniel Cirigliano,clarinets/shawm/reed flutes

Daniele Costanzo, bassoon/bagpipe

Pietro Morelli, guitar/beating guitar

Ivano Morrone, piano/diatonic accordion

Josephine Carioti, actress


The instruments played by Il Doppio Ensemble are both classic and folkloric: violin and lira, all clarinets, reed flutes and shawms, bassoon and bagpipe, piano and diatonic accordion, classical guitar and beating guitar. The group's aesthetic project is to combine the world of contemporary experimental music to that of traditional origin. The aim is to propose a language in which each 'modern' instrument has his 'archaic' alter ego, using a praxis associated with electronic and digital technologies in real time.